Safety Code

The safety of our Ski & Ride School guests is our absolute top priority—both while during your lesson, and beyond as you start navigating mountain slopes on your own.

As a critical component of our learning process, your instructor will also teach you the basics of the skier/snowboard safety and responsibility code. These include the importance of always remaining in control, how to share the slope with others, proper equipment use, and how to observe all posted signage and other on-mountain information. 

Using Chairlifts

Once you’re comfortable with your gear, how to move around, and how to turn and control your speed, you’ll learn how to board a chairlift! 

Your instructor will show you how to load safely, ride confidently, and unload carefully with your fellow riders once you reach the top. Mastering all of these new skills will provide you access to the entire mountain and a variety of terrain—putting you on the path to become a fully independent skier or rider!

Turning Basics

Now that you understand the essentials, we'll guide you through the process of learning how to do basic turns on skis or a snowboard.

Your instructor will show you how to glide, engage, and release your turns to best control your speed and direction on snow.

Moving Around

Next, you’ll learn the basics of how to walk in your boots, carry your equipment, and how to move around while on your skis or snowboard—all while on safe, flat learning-based terrain.

Your instructor will show you the various dynamics of your skis or snowboard, showcasing the best methods for moving around safely and confidently. 

Getting Started

Our goal is to help everyone become a happy, fun-loving, fully independent skier or snowboarder. That means teaching you how comfortably and safely ride the chairlift as well as how negotiate easy green terrain, all while having the most amazing time on snow!

For starters, you’ll learn the basics—the function of your gear and how to properly use it—including the best way to put on and take off your skis or snowboard. Your instructor will show you how to safely step into alpine ski or snowboard bindings and secure your other gear. 

Woodward Eldora Pop-up Park Featuring Red Bull DJ Truck

On Saturday, April 10th our Woodward Eldora team will be creating a new custom built pop-up park to replace the current Timbers Park setup. Red Bull will be bringing up their DJ Truck to pump some sweet music while everyone shreds to new park and relaxes in the 10 Barrel Snow Beach zone. It's bound to be a fantastic day of spring skiing & riding so make your planes to c'mon up now!

DOJoe Uphill Challenge

A STRAVA-based virtual Uphill Ski/Snowboard Race to Celebrate the Memory of Joe Despres and Support the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC)



Monday–Friday, April 5–9, and Monday–Friday, April 12–16 (10 days total)




Nederland, Colorado (March 18, 2021) – Eldora, the backyard winter playground for Colorado’s Northern Front Range, announced that, effective today, parking access Monday through Friday is first-come, first-serve, and that reservations will continue to be required Saturdays and Sundays in order to ensure a great experience and provide the assurance of a spot to park upon arrival.

Level 1's SuperUnknown Setup: Open to the Public

We are very excited to be the official host of Level 1's SuperUnknown Finals! Woodward Eldora will bring 15 of the world’s top men's and women’s ams to Nederland, Colorado, from April 12th through the 17th. As the event host for the 2021 edition of SuperUnknown, Eldora Mountain will let Level 1's commitment to inventive park riding shine in the custom build.