The Great Eldora Easter Egg Hunt

Bring the family up for a day of skiing and riding!

The Easter Bunny has agreed to send hundreds of Easter Eggs to Eldora! Keep an eye out on the mountain for hidden eggs with fun prizes! For the little ones, we will have a special egg hunt in front of the Timbers/West Wing Lodges at 11am.

This is a family-friendly event that will be fun for all ages! The Easter Bunny will also be showing off their skills on the hill so keep an eye out for that perfect photo opportunity!


Starting March 2019, construction begins on a 15-mile stretch between Boulder and Nederland. The project is designed to remove the temporary repairs made after the flooding in 2013, with permanent, more long term repairs. Improvements will build in better storm resiliency and upgrade sections of the highway to improve motorist safety in the canyon.

Specific work includes:

Recap: 2019 Warren Miller Pond Skim Party

Pond skim

On Saturday, April 13th, hundreds of costumed competitors and cheering spectators turned out for Eldora's annual Pond Skim Party. The challenge: make it across the frigid, 90 foot man-made pond in one piece—without getting soaked. New for this season's event, the Warren Miller film crew was on hand, capturing footage for the Eldora segment in next winter's film.