NEDERLAND, Colo. Feb. 11, 2020 – Eldora has taken a number of steps to tackle traffic and emissions in Boulder County on days when the resort sees significant demand. Those steps include giving away approximately $2000 worth of RTD bus tickets for free every weekend; providing free round-trip shuttles every weekend from the Boulder County Justice Center parking lot at 6th & Canyon in Boulder; negotiating the use of the Boulder County Justice Center parking lot on weekends for carpooling and shuttle-riding guests; reserving the first 200 parking spots, closest to Alpenglow chairlift, for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) parking; and providing concerted and regular communications to inform guests about traffic and parking updates and to appeal to the community to take action to reduce low-occupancy vehicle (LOV) arrivals.

Despite these steps, congestion on “peak days” (weekends and holidays) and midweek snow-event days (when Eldora receives 10 or more inches within 24 hours) remains a pressing issue. Eldora has worked closely with Boulder County on a multi-pronged solution to reduce congestion and emissions and keep Eldora accessible as Boulder’s backyard winter playground.

The County today voted unanimously to conditionally approve a plan that includes parking expansion at Eldora. Conditions include Eldora’s continued commitment to the steps described above and the imposition of a parking fee for single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) on “peak days” (weekends and holidays) and midweek snow-event days (when Eldora receives 10 or more inches within 24 hours).

The SOV fee will begin during the 2020/21 winter operating season. While Eldora had hoped guest action (carpooling, riding RTD, weekday visitation) and parking expansion would be sufficient, the resort is in alignment with the County’s desire for a holistic approach—which includes paid parking for SOVs—to change behavior and reduce congestion.

The County’s requirement was to have been that Eldora must charge SOVs a minimum of 15% more than a standard round-trip bus ticket ($10.50 for adults as of February 2020) on peak days and midweek snow-event days. However, Eldora and the County negotiated a lower initial fee of $10 per SOV on peak days and midweek snow-event days for the 2020/21 Winter Season.

The first 200 parking spots closest to the Alpenglow chairlift will be reserved seven days per week for the 2020/21 operating season for HOVs carrying three or more people. Eldora will not charge vehicles with two or more riders at any time, nor will it charge any vehicle on non-holiday weekdays that do not see 10+ inches of snow.


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Included in Boulder County Plan is Eldora Parking Expansion, Single-Occupancy Vehicle Paid Parking on Weekends and Midweek Snow-Event Days, and Eldora’s Continuation of Actions Aimed at Reducing Congestion and Emissions.