by Aaron Bible

In one of the most iconic anniversaries in ski film history, Eldora has its own little spotlight in this year’s 70th annual Warren Miller flick, "Timeless".

Year after year, ski and snowboard enthusiasts of all ages look forward to the coming of winter. This fall, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) confirms that the joys of winter are eternal, with its 70th full-length feature film, "Timeless", presented by Volkswagen.

Warren himself passed away just two years ago, in January 2018, at the age of 93. And while he hadn’t been directly involved in production for several years, the latest release from his Warren Miller Entertainment legacy seems to truly cement his place in time. It’s also one of the few times over the last 70 years of making ski movies that a small local ski hill, and the first time for Eldora Mountain Resort, to be featured in one of his films. 

“He led an amazing life. A pretty full life, creating a legacy that we’re trying to pass on to future generations. It was sad to see that happen and we’re still trying to figure it out from here, to make sure his voice is still heard through his legacy and the brand. We have a huge appreciation for the man himself, and we’re also looking forward, at new athletes, new locations to film, and pushing the product forward." said Josh Haskins, who has been working with Warren and WME for more than 20 years. Living in an endless winter, it’s a team made up of old-school ski flick legends and many who have been there more than two decades, as well as plenty of fresh blood on the digital marketing and production side. 

Much of the world has changed since Warren Miller started making ski films in 1949, but the passion of snowriders across the globe has stayed the same. "Timeless" emulates the enduring spirit of winter and gives a deserving nod to the past seven decades of ski cinematography, while looking toward the future. Get ready to kick off your winter with a cast of fresh faces, inspirational locales, plenty of laughs and camaraderie, and a classic blend of the new and old.

“We were pleasantly surprised when we started talking to Eldora last year. We collectively discussed the creative direction and really wanted to showcase what made Eldora so special—and that’s the locals who hold the place so near and dear to their hearts. To be true to the place and what makes it unique is to hear stories from those that call its slopes home. It’s a real eclectic group of folks and adds a lot of emotion and character to the segment, making it a standout section of the movie where we’re tackling big mountains and balancing the other stories in the process."

Racing legend Johnny Mosely has been the narrator of WME films for the last 10 years, filling Warren’s shoes—a difficult position, and he’s doing something different, not trying to replace Warren, explains Haskins. 

“Warren started this in 1949—pretty incredible that we’re able to continue it to this day. We like to play up these decade films, in that we can tell the heritage story during these years, the significance to me is the fact that we see so many products in the ski industry and films and companies come and go, so it really is a testament to our audience and be able to engage with them and continue to tell these stories and come out and see these movies year after year. In 5 years we’re going to blow out the 75th!”

Shooting on everything from drones and POV cameras to 4K cinema and 360VR, Haskins says everything doesn’t have to be gnarly lines and tow-ins. Staying true to that variety, we still like to push boundaries, speed riding, steep skiing, but it’s a balance. The films are about entertaining a large audience and appreciation for sliding on snow. Still a successful model, and partly due to the success of the film tour, an event experience, an environment you can’t get watching content on your phone. The audience still really appreciates that experiential viewing of the film. Athletes signing posters, etc. distribution model, also in the digital space pushing content on OTT platforms, driving memberships for exclusive content, social content, facilitates the ability to work with high caliber athletes in the at space and the ski industry in general. 

The crew at Warren Miller made frequent trips to Eldora during the 2018/19 season to film, capturing events like the Bob Beattie Derby, the Trick Ditch Banked Slalom, and also hit the jackpot filming after March’s infamous “Bomb Cyclone”, when Eldora got hammered with 18” of snow overnight. Eldora’s annual Spring Luau and Pond Skim last April went down in the books as a lively celebration after an excellent winter season, and the day was not short of crazy costumes, flamingos, and plenty of wipe outs into the icy water. Luckily, Warren Miller Entertainment was there to capture it all on film. “We’re thrilled and honored that Eldora is featured in Warren Miller’s “Timeless,”” said Sam Bass, Marketing Director at Eldora. “The people of Boulder County have always loved the low-key, community vibe of their backyard mountain, and now the world will get to know Eldora. It’s also the hometown hill for Warren Miller Entertainment, so it’s especially cool to be included Eldora in the 70th anniversary film.”


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Watch the full Eldora segment:


Featured Athletes:

AJ Oliver | Glen Plake | Brenna Kelleher | Jim Ryan | Austin Ross | Forrest Jillson | Cam Fitzpatrick | Caite Zeliff | Rob DesLauriers | Kit DesLauriers | Grace DesLauriers | Tia DesLauriers | Jess McMillan | Ryland Bell | Morgan Hebert | Rob Kingwill | Baker Boyd Ian Morrison | Marcus Caston | Aurélien Ducroz | Mattias Hargin | Erin Mielzynski | Tyler Ceccanti | Amie Engerbretson | Connery Lundin | Jaelin Kauf | Lorraine Huber Christian Løvenskiold | Cooper Branham

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British Columbia | Wyoming | Colorado | France | Switzerland | Austria

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In one of the most iconic anniversaries in ski film history, Eldora has its own little spotlight in this year’s 70th annual Warren Miller flick, Timeless.