Uphill Access Policies 

Please Note: 2020/21 Winter Season Uphill Access Policies are currently being finalized. Stay tuned to this page for updated information. 

2020/21 Winter Season Overview

Recognizing growing interest in human-powered skiing and riding, Eldora began offering uphill access during the winter of 2016/17, after the business was purchased by POWDR, an adventure lifestyle company. In consideration of Eldora’s unique layout, relatively small size, and proximity to the Front Range’s large population, Eldora’s new management created a set of uphill-access policies designed to manage risk and user-visitation levels. Those policies are outlined below. It is the responsibility of Eldora uphill users to know and abide by these policies while uphilling at Eldora. 


2019/20 Winter Season Tickets and Passes

A valid uphill-specific ticket or valid uphill-specific season pass is required for anyone uphilling at Eldora. Season passes may be purchased online and day tickets may be purchased in person, at any Eldora ticket counter, during winter-season business hours. Eldora uses the revenue generated from uphill ticket and pass sales to help offset the labor and facilities costs associated with providing medical response capability, slope maintenance, signage, restrooms, and road and parking lot maintenance to our uphill guests. The following tickets and passes are available:  

  • The Uphill Access Season Pass Add-On is for the person who already has a valid Eldora season pass (alpine or nordic) or Ikon Pass and wants to access uphill routes and use downhill slopes on allowable days/dates/times. This product also includes early access three days per week, from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM (see "Early Access" below for details). 
  • The Uphill Access Season Pass is for the person who does NOT have any of the above pass products but wants to access uphill routes and use downhill slopes on allowable days/dates/times. It does not provide access to any lifts or nordic/snowshoe trails. This product also includes early access three days per week, from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM (see "Early Access" below for details). 
  • The Uphill Day Ticket is for the person who wants single-day access to Eldora's uphill routes. It can be purchased at the ticket office during business hours, Monday through Friday, after uphill access opens for the winter season. This product does NOT include any early-morning access (see "Early Access" below for details). 


2020/21 Winter Season Days, Times, and Important Dates

Due to operational constraints, uphill access at Eldora is only allowed during very specific times and on specific days. Generally, uphill access is allowed for guests with valid uphill-specific day tickets or uphill-specific season passes, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, from the seasonal opening of uphill access to the seasonal closing of uphill access. Additionally, as a privilege reserved for uphill season passholders only, Eldora allows limited early-morning access, three days per week, from TBD time AM to 9:00 AM. 

  • 2020/21 Daytime Access Start Date: Monday, December 14, 2020 
  • 2020/21 Daytime Access End Date:  Friday, April 9, 2021 
  • 2020/21 Daytime Access Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM 
  • 2020/21 Early-Access* Start Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 (*reserved for uphill pass holders only)
  • 2020/21 Early-Access* Hours: TBD AM–9:00 AM, Mon/Tue/Thu (*reserved for uphill pass holders only)
  • Blackout Dates:  All Saturday and Sundays, plus December 21, 2020–January 4, 2021, January 18, 2021, and February 15, 2021. Due to operational constraints, uphill access is not allowed on weekends and holidays. 


2019/20 Winter Season Routes 

Click here to view trail map. Uphill routes are marked on the trail map by yellow dotted lines and on the mountain by yellow circular AT signs. 

  • The Frontside Route begins at the Nordic Center, ascends to climber’s left of the Tenderfoot carpet lift, crosses above Little Hawk chairlift, continues along Foxtail trail, crosses Bunnyfair trail and goes under EZ chairlift, crosses Ryder’s trail and goes under Caribou chairlift, crosses Sundance trail and under Sundance chairlift, and follows the Summer Road above Trick Ditch and Chute trails to Jolly Jug. From there, it ascends Jolly Jug on climber’s left and then bears left at the Jolly Jug road. At the switchback, the trail veers up and left into Jolly Jug Glades and continues to the top of Challenge Mountain and the top of the Alpenglow chairlift. 
  • The Backside Route follows the climber's left side of Lower Diamond Back to the junction with Four O'Clock Trail and then dives into the woods between Klondike and Upper Diamond Back. After switchbacking upwards through the trees, it crosses International (watch for downhill traffic) and then follows climber's right on Windmill to the summit of Challenge Mountain (top of Alpenglow chairlift). 
  • Early Access Route is different than the daytime route and is reserved for uphill pass holders only. Start on snow just west of Indian Peaks Lodge, ascend Bonanza, connect with the daytime route on Jolly Jug, and then continue upward on the standard daytime route. Only one descent route is allowed: Jolly Jug to Sunset to base area. Access to the Bonanza morning ascent route ends at 9:00 AM. At that time, you must begin ascents at the standard daytime route start point at the Nordic Center. Early Access users, please SLOW DOWN when descending Sunset into base area. It is YOUR responsibility to stay alert and avoid mountain operations there and everywhere on the hill, which can include unmarked pedestrians, skiers, light and heavy machinery, and more. 



To access our uphill routes, you must be using uphill-specific ski or snowboard equipment, which is specialized gear designed to ascend, transition, and descend. Hiking and/or using snowshoes is not allowed on our uphill routes, or anywhere in the alpine skiing/riding zone. 


See you on the skin track! 




As part of a multi-part solution to tackle traffic congestion, Boulder County has required Eldora to institute a $10 parking fee for single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) arriving at Eldora on weekends and holidays, as well as weekdays that see 10 or more inches of new snow. Eldora will not charge vehicles with two or more riders at any time, nor will it charge any vehicle at all on non-holiday weekdays that do not see 10+ inches of snow. Prior to the start of the 20/21 winter season, Eldora is planning to make available a limited number of $99 SOV season parking passes, with details to be announced prior to opening day. These SOV season parking passes will NOT provide reserved parking, nor will they provide ingress to the resort in the event of access-road closures due to full parking lots.

FALL 2020 UPDATE: Considering pandemic-related circumstances, Eldora has asked Boulder County Government to reconsider its requirement that Eldora charge parking fees to single-occupancy vehicles this winter. Eldora is awaiting a response from County officials and will update guests as soon as possible.



Terms & Conditions

  • Refunds will be available before December 10, 2020, for any pass holder who has not used their 2020/21 pass and desires a refund for any reason. 
  • Passes are non-transferable. 
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