The events of recent days and weeks have pushed deep-seated social issues to the front of our consciousness. In a world already turned upside-down by a global health and economic crisis, we are horrified and distraught by the social injustices we've witnessed. We stand with Black Lives Matter. Discrimination, racism, and brutality are unacceptable. They have no place anywhere in our world.
Recently Eldora, POWDR, and the Cumming Family announced that through Play It Forward, we are making commitments in partnership with local foundations to provide immediate support to the most under-served and at-risk members in our communities. It is what we can do now, and we are proud to work with those who are like-minded. 
As we think longer term and more broadly about our role in being an influence for good, it is clear we will need to do more—we all will. These are complex issues and we don’t pretend to have the answers, but we are committed to trying. We will listen. We will seek out new perspectives. We will aspire to do our part to bring positive change.  
While we undertake this effort, we are proud to Play It Forward in support of the mountain communities in which we live, work and play. These issues affect each one of us differently, and while we may be on unique paths, we believe there is an opportunity for everyone to help in their own distinct way so that together we can achieve a better future for all.

Have suggestions or want to share your perspective? Let us know here.

#BlackLivesMatter #PlayItForward #PlayForever 

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Discrimination, racism, and brutality are unacceptable and have no place in our world.
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