Ride for FREE from Boulder to Eldora and back.

That's right! As part of our PLAY FOREVER sustainability initiative and in an effort to reduce emissions and address traffic congestion on weekends, Eldora is providing FREE round-trip transportation from the Boulder County Justice Center Parking Lot (where parking is free on weekends) to Eldora on select Saturdays and Sundays this winter. Each shuttle holds roughly 20 passengers and seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


WHAT: FREE Boulder-to-Eldora Shuttle

WHERE: Boulder County Justice Center parking lot, 1777 6th St, Boulder, CO 80302

HOW: Look for the Via shuttle buses, which probably won't say Eldora on them, but they're usually either white or orange/yellow, and we try to have a uniformed Eldora staffer available to answer questions—but we can't guarantee a staffer will be there.


Westbound departures from Boulder County Justice Center parking lot.

– 7:00 AM (employees only)
– 9:00 AM
– 11:00 AM

Eastbound departures from Eldora, back to Justice Center.

– 1:00 PM
– 3:00 PM
– 4:00 PM

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9 AM - 4 PM
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Ride for FREE from Boulder to Eldora and back.
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