It's Friday morning, and as we write this we're staring down a classic spring forecast—at least through Tuesday. Here's a strategy you can use anytime we're expecting temperatures like this at Eldora. But first, here's what NOAA says about the next few days, temperature-wise, for the Eldora base area.

  • Friday: high of 46
  • Saturday: high of 54
  • Sunday: high of 58
  • Monday: high of 57
  • Tuesday: high of 42

Most nights are predicted to hover right around freezing, which means hard snow in the morning, softening by mid-morning as the sun kisses our curvaceous slopes, and slushing up to mash-potato consistency by afternoon. Consider slope aspect. The east-southeast-facing slopes—which see the earliest sun—will soften the fastest and are your best bets for morning runs. North-facing aspects will soften more slowly and are best-suited for midday and afternoon skiing. Clouds are the wild card, and any cloud cover will likely delay softening.

When the forecast looks like this, as it often does in spring, there's a very specific yet easy-to-follow strategy for finding the best snow at Eldora.

  • Aim to load Alpenglow chair around 9:00. You may still find your first turns a bit crispy, but fear not: the corn-harvest is imminent. Work the frontside from southeast to northeast first—so Jolly Jug to Powderhorn to Labelle to International to Klondike and everything in between. Harvest these until the snow gets saturated and goes all bangers-and-mash, around midday, depending on how warm it is.
  • Once the frontside is smoked, head west-north. Grab an Indian Peaks chair lap or two around noon, then bust over to Corona chair, where you have the entire north-northeast facing Corona zone just beginning to soften up.
  • "Corona Bowl," as it has been called, is your smorgasbord. Every trail from Muleshoe to Moose Glades will be delightful, so eat your fill until afternoon. West Ridge, Salto, and Moose Glades face slightly more east than the rest of this zone, so will soften up faster than Muleshoe, Red Tail, Alpenhorn, and Wolf Tongue. It's worth busting out for a far-west lap or two first, and then working Muleshoe, Red Tail, Alpenhorn, and Wolf Tongue until it goes all Ore-Ida on us.
  • If you are here for our incredible array of Woodward Mountain Parks, aim to hit these in the mid-morning timeframe, as most of them are on terrain with early sun exposure.

So there you go. We wrote this in response to the immediate five-day forecast, but you really could apply it to anytime Eldora sees melting temperatures in the day followed by freezing or close-to-freezing temperatures at night.

We hope to see you this weekend, and all spring long!

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Hot Tips: How to Ski Spring Snow at Eldora
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