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NEDERLAND, Colo., July 21, 2022 – As part of its Play Forever corporate responsibility commitment to protect the environment, Eldora recently hosted the second annual employee-facing Mountain Clean-Up event on Thursday, July 21st, 2022. The event served as a team-building activity for staff, spotlighting the importance of proper waste removal and recycling at Boulder County’s backyard ski area.


Most of Eldora’s year-round staff of approximately 70 gathered in the morning in front of Indian Peaks Lodge over burritos and divided into five teams, with 10 employees per team. The teams spread out across the mountain and base area, spending the morning collecting trash and recyclables. After a few hours, each team sorted its findings and then enjoyed lunch catered by Eldora’s own food-and beverage team and live music from local artist PJ Moon.


A total of 9,759 pounds of waste were collected, including 1,584 pounds of recyclables, 3,740 pounds of scrap metal, and 980 pounds of wood—and nearly 66 % of the total was diverted from the landfill through the sorting efforts. Prizes were awarded for most pounds gathered (1,672.53lbs), oldest item (a moose femur), and weirdest item (a container of child’s Play-Dough).


“Being responsible stewards of the environment is how we Play Forever here at Eldora,” say Hunter Wright, the resort’s director of sustainability. “We’re taking the long view, doing our part to ensure that generations beyond us can enjoy this amazing community resource and be inspired to care for it into the future.”


This winter, Wright explains, Eldora management asks guests and staff to do their part to keep Eldora clean by picking up any litter they see, and to utilize waste diversion stations around the mountain to dispose of trash, compost, and recyclables.



  • September is National Cleanup month.
  • September 17th, 2022, is National Clean-Up Day.
  • To find a clean-up day, participate in one near you, or learn how to host your own clean-up day, please visit nationalcleanupday.org.
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