Besides your gear, a positive attitude, and a calculated approach to safety, here are four things you should always bring with you to our Woodward Mountain Parks this winter.


  1. Your crew: A day at the park couldn’t possibly be complete without the gang. Whether they’re on their way out of Jerry-dom or already shredding like pros, our friends always push us to be better. Woodward Mountain Parks are all about progression, so grab the homies and c’mon up!


  1. Sweet tunes: Respect to those who like a quiet ride, but there's nothing quite like hitting a trick to a banger. Looking for new jams? Check out these Spotify playlists:


  1. Sunscreen: Has to be said. Burns are out, screen is in. Melanoma’s out, happy cells are in. How else are you going to get a sick goggle tan? Anything with 50 or more spf. is gonna keep you well protected, so pack yours or grab some from our on-mountain retail shops.


  1. Fuel: Snack time is all the time. But it’s time to ditch the granola bar in the pocket and up your fuel game. Here’s a twist on lunch that will have your friends drooling
  • 2 slices of sourdough bread lightly toasted
  • Sriracha mayo on both bread slices
  • Pesto
  • Chopped onion
  • Protein of choice (for us it’s gotta be the honey roasted turkey)
  • Potato chips of choice
  • Lettuce of choice

Assemble and put in backpack or pocket. You’re welcome.


Pray for snow, and we’ll see you all soon! Let’s get those park builds up!



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